Facts – at a glance




Around 60

Production: over 6000 sqm, air conditioned

100% in-house production depth


-In-house design
-Product development
-Mould Flow analysis

Milling & turning:

-Mould sizes up to 1600 mm x 1300 mm (63" x 51")
-High speed milling up to 50.000 rpm

Grinding and spark eroding:

-Profile grinding
-Circular grinding (circular/non circular in- and outside) -Jig grinding
-Spark and wiring erosion

Quality control:

-Part measurement
-Documentation for your QS: The quality is documented down to the last detail

Technical centre:

-900m², air conditioned
-Own injection moulding machines from 80 - 350t
-Opportunities for system integration and system test with customer machines and equipment
-Confidential tests through to system acceptance
-Rooms with communication equipment are available

Global support on site:

-Customer service
-Spare part stocks
-Mould training


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